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“Failure to plan is a plan to fail”

Today's small businesses must be agile, with the ability to adapt quickly and seize new opportunities. The test of an organization's agility in this environment of change will be how quickly it can learn and apply new techniques and strategies.

Accountable Solutions' customized Business Development Solution has been uniquely designed to give your organization the agility necessary to rapidly increase its profitability and overall market value.

Utilizing an extensive interview and analysis process, Accountable Solutions can determine your company's current ability to become proficient in each of five competencies that are essential for your success. When we've completed our research, we'll prepare a customized Business Development Solution that will address any combination of these five essential competencies, including the objective evaluation of current opportunities and challenges, recommended strategies to increase profitability and a full detail of costs associated with implementation. The report will be presented to the company's management and will reflect a projected return on investment.

Increase sales and profitability
Discover untapped opportunities
Develop systems to maximize operational efficiencies
Improve customer service
Optimize dollars spent on effective marketing
Use technology to grow and manage your business
Increase the market value of your business


The Total Business Development Solution

Invest in a Total Business Development Solution and receive the data generated from analyzing each of the five competencies.

• Determine overall rating for each competency

• Outline strengths and weaknesses

• Outline opportunities and threats

• Suggest areas of improvement

• Determine the approximate costs associated with the implementation of our recommendations

• Compare the financial analysis to industry averages

• Prepare a complete financial analysis

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